Partner Practice Groups

The responsibilities of law firm partners extend far beyond “the practice” to include concern for new business, delivering client value, associate development and, often, an important voice in firm policy. These same issues loom large in the decisions around whether a seasoned attorney would benefit from a change in career venue.

Important factors include:

  • Portable business
  • Compatibility of client bases v. possible conflicts
  • Comparative rate structures
  • Potential business development synergies
  • Prospect firm’s strategic plans
  • Partnership governance and compensation system
  • Potential culture clashes
  • Opportunities for proteges

A successful recruiting approach is a consultative effort among candidate and recruiter, and recruiter and prospect firms. The relationships must inspire confidence and lead to candid conversations among participants to ensure successful results for all concerned.

Diana G. Bicksler, Esq. has been a law firm partner and a business executive in her own company as well as part of a nationally recognized legal search firm.   She has  worked in the Northern California legal community for 30 years, so she can speak the language.  She  also knows the recruiting territory, and can help guide the process to a successful conclusion. Finally, Diana is  aware that sometimes the best deal is no deal;  she will give you her best advice to further your legal search goals.

If you are a partner candidate wishing to make a move or a law firm client needing to add to your firm’s partner talent, Contact Us to take advantage of CBG’s consultative approach and experience.