Contract/Project/Temporary Attorneys for Law Firms or In House Legal Departments

Law firms and in-house law departments constantly modulate their hiring practices to ensure superior responsiveness to client needs–while responsibly controlling costs. A sudden influx of new work, unanticipated staff reductions, and client needs outside the firm/department’s expertise can wreak havoc on even the most experienced manager’s planning. In these situations, experienced, trustworthy contract or project legal professionals can ensure stable delivery of service to your clients with minimum impact on the firm or department’s budget and headcount.

A Talented Roster
At CBG, we maintain contacts with several hundred attorneys, paralegals, document reviewers and translators who are currently available for many reasons. They are attorneys augmenting their practice, parents, writers, newcomers to the area, and other talented attorneys who are taking time to consider their career moves. They also cross the entire spectrum of experience, specialization and abilities. And we constantly renew the roster.

The greatest number of highly qualified candidates exists in the 5-to-15-years experience range. As such, they can work with relative independence, and are amply qualified for the tasks they are asked to perform. Although many clients are accustomed to assigning work to somewhat less-experienced staff, “contingent workers” are oriented to filling the requested role. Because the nature of the work tends to drive the rate for their services, their “extra” experience can constitute a real efficiency bonus verses other means of getting high quality work accomplished.

A Convenient Process
If you are a law firm or in-house leagl department in need of temporary attorneys or paralegals for large projects, please Contact Us.   We will go over your current needs with you and determine if we can be of assistance.