This is not your parents’ legal services industry. While firms are beginning to do the math about the costs of associate movement, they vary widely in their degree of appreciation, and their success in retaining their best talent. You are also evolving in your interests and capabilities, as you develop “live-fire” experience in practice–and sometimes your whole direction takes a turn when life intervenes. Some preliminary factors to ponder when considering whether a move is right for you include:

  • Firm strength in your area
  • Quality of work assignments
  • Systems for assigning work/professional relationships
  • Training and mentoring mechanisms
  • Compensation level and structure
  • Partnership track, and alternatives
  • Satisfaction levels of incumbent associates
  • Current firm demographics, esp. among Partners

CBG prides itself in helping candidates navigate these and other career issues on the one hand, and accurately and effectively conveying the law firm’s message on the other.

If you are an associate contemplating a move, please Contact Us.   You only have one legal career–develop it well!